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Phivos Pentes was born and raised in Patmos island of Greece. Being raised in a family environment that was completely immersed in arts and culture.
Photography became a passion for him, a way to express his own thoughts and his own way of seeing things from their best angle.

He studied and graduated from “Leica Akademie of Photography” in Athens 2018-2020.

Throughout the years he has worked on every kind of photography. That led him to love Fashion because of its history, the creativity it offers and the artistic approach on this field.
Among the years he has worked in Greece as an assistant to great fashion photographers such as Thanassis Krikis, Bill Georgousis, Ioanna Tzetzoumi, Yiannis Bournias, Rene Habermacher, George Kaplanidis & George Katsanakis.

In addition, he is one of the organizers of “Photosphere” – International Open-Air Photography Festival which takes place on Paros & Patmos.

Awards and Nominations

  • 1st National Award: National Photography Competition of University of Patras titled “Tele-Communicate”.
  • 1st National Award: National Teen Photography Competition of iFocus titled “Our Greece”.
  • 1st National Award: “A Planet One Chance” by the International Short Film Festival of Drama, first prize for the Film’s Cover photograph.
  • Shortlisted Photographer at the National Photography Competition titled “promote your place with a photograph” of Larissa’s Municipality.

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